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Awake & Soulful Podcast

May 1, 2020

In this incredible episode we are so blessed to be joined by Jan & Monika Zands to talk about how to navigate relationships during Covid-19 and quarantine. If you are experiencing a shift in your relationship due to the current circumstances and want to find a way through the fear, anxiety and uncertainty without resorting to arguments and feeling resentful towards each other then this is the episode for you.  

Jan and Monika Zands are relationship coaches with a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, and they save relationships. They have spent years coaching, speaking and teaching on the topics of love, awareness, communication and shifting perspective.  

Jan and Monika overcame adversity in their marriage and worked through their own challenges using the principles that they have studied and now teach, and have now been married 19 years. Their story is proof that this kind of love, respect and collaboration is possible. 

They share communication ‘musts’ when it comes to talking with your partner about your expectations and lay the foundations for new agreements/ boundaries in your relationship. Why dealing with your own emotions and issues is essential before coming together to talk. They give incredible tips on how to create a safe space for your partner to share and what to do if your partner is not open to real and honest communication. PLUS they have a great free resource for you to help with all this. 

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